About Marie aka Maguida

A thinker out of the box and a lover of life in the simplest terms.

My books in the series THE ADVENTURES OF RELLIE AND TORY, THE BABY DINOSAUR started with a seed in 2003 when I was a mentor for an event at the YWCA in New York City that brought girls from all over the city to experience empowerment and as the rally started down stairs, I was doodling and writing to pass the time. 

A client called me that morning on April 26, 2003 and in the course of my conversation with Rellie, I told her I’d written a little something about her recent vacation, where she went digging for dinosaur bones. When I read it too her over the phone, Rellie said: -Marie, if you change a few of those big words, it could be a children's story book and so a seed was born. The personalities in the doodling were based on real people. Tory, the baby dinosaur has the charisma of my grandson Ben and Sherlock, the miniature toy poodle has my daughter Zoranne’s quick wit. Every one of the personalities in my books is based on a family member, a friend or a brief acquaintance. And I use Maguida as my pen name because it is a nickname, bestowed on me by my favorite aunt in Puerto Rico which means little Margie. 

Creativity comes from life and the ability to adapt to change and grow with each new event. Motherhood was the first most important event that changed the meaning of life for me, it showed me the true meaning of love.  My three beautiful daughters, Lou, Zoranne and Brigitte are my precious gems, my two handsome and charismatic grandsons, Ben and Mat are my diamonds in the rough and my cute son PJ is rewriting everything I knew about raising kids and lovable NorDan is so special, he reminds us that family is so important.

Blogging, writing stories, and painting form the complete pie of who I am today.


Happy Holidays

May your Christmas be merry with many blessings and your 2020 New Year's celebration being prosperity and good health.


      "Don't Drink and Drive"

The life you save may be your own.